Featured: Florian Thein

Florian Thein is an Architect and Architecture Critic based in Berlin, Germany. He started taking Photos as a Kid on 110 film, switched to digital later and back to 35mm and Medium Format a few years ago.

“My photographic interest lies in documenting the traces of social interaction and human decision-making and their spatial impact on our environment in everyday life. Every conscious or unconscious action and interaction has an influence on the approach of our surroundings, this may be building a house or just throwing away your garbage carefree. I try to read everything people do as designing or composing.

I use film in different types and sizes, depending on the situation I want to capture or just the camera I carry at that moment. What I like about working with film is that the process is much more about guessing and getting surprised compared to working digital. Gradually, you get to know your Equipment and how it reacts to different situations with different settings, but you still can´t check the result on the back of your camera. While digital often keeps you in a trial-check-error-adjust loop, analog forces you to concentrate much more on the dependencies between situation, framing, speed and aperture. Nevertheless sometimes digital has its advantages and I really appreciate the possibility to always carry a decent digital camera with my mobile phone for snapshots.”   

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