Featured: Holly Pearson

Holly Pearson is an analogue only photographer hailing from a little coastal town in South East Queensland, Australia. Her greatest inspirations come directly from nature, with a particularly strong focus on animals, mountains, flowers and the sea.  While Holly’s recent move from the quiet seaside to Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne, has hindered her access to nature, it has not changed her passion to find it wherever she can. Further to a naturalistic focus, Holly also endeavours to capture tangible representations of emotion which she thoroughly enjoys representing through portraits of friends, family and her partner/best friend, Nic. 

Holly is fascinated by the boundless variables which contribute to the unique nature of film photography. As such, she is prone to swapping up cameras regularly and using a range of different film brands and speeds.

Holly hopes to continue using film as a primary medium to her photography for as long as possible.

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