Featured: Francesco Futterer

Francesco Futterer lives in Heidelberg and studies Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany. He photographs his personal projects mostly on black and white film and uses both, 6x7cm and 35mm. The imam series was made with a Mamiya 7 on Delta 3200.

"Over and over again, Islam is discussed in the media, but there are entire movements for and against this religion and its followers. I wanted to make photos of this community of faith and find out what makes Islam the way it is. So I went to a mosque in Mannheim Jungbusch. As I entered, the empty prayer room greeted me immediately with silence and warmness. I met with the Imam and we had a long conversation about the mosque and the happenings in it. I received a comprehensive insight into the daily life of the imam and the life of the community. The imam acts like a priest in a church, but he is much more appreciated by young people and they treat him like a friend. The photos show my impressions of the mosque and the community in Mannheim and helped me to create my own image of Islam."

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