Featured: Joseph Webb

Some of these photos are staged. Some of these photos are documentation of the world as I have found it. The common thread running through them is my fetishistic attachment to the type of voyeurism that photography cultivates in the photographer. Unlike every other art form, making analog photographs requires that the artist, or at least his camera, be present in the same space at the same time as the subject. There is no hearsay in photography. Even the staged photograph documents a scene that existed in a tactile form in front of the lens. Photography lets me push reality and fiction much closer together than any other medium. Most importantly, each negative acts as a document that offers some material proof of my voyeuristic activities.

All of the images in this series, and in my photography more generally, try to evoke a sense of unease, like the viewer is trespassing to see something banal in an unflattering or tense context. My aesthetic and conceptual concerns have been very much influenced by artists like David Lynch and Todd Hido. Lynch speaks to me in a  particularly strong way, because he has always been so successful in showing what dark things lie just beneath the calm surface of banality.

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