Issue One - Out Now!!!

We're proud to announce that Issue One is now available for purchase through Magcloud!


Cadillac Ranch Dressing: Issue One

By Cadillac Ranch Dressing

66 pages, published 2/26/2014

Cadillac Ranch Dressing is a film photography-focused zine based out of Maryland. Issue One features the work of Sebastião Almeida, Chris Bang, Miranda Barnes, Brittney Bowers, Steven Brooks, Lynn Cazabon, Casey Daisey, Chinwe Edeani, Kevin Eikenberg, Hogarth Ferguson, Jerome Freeman, Bradley Fulton, Jack Garland, Didi S. Gilson, Tifanee Gladney, Larry Gloth, Caitlin Gore, Julien Hairault, Stephen Harper, Richard Hatch, Rob Hauer, Sandy…

Issue One - Featured Photographers

We're happy to announce the list of photographers whose work will be featured in Cadillac Ranch Dressing: Issue One. We received so many great submissions from people, it was extremely hard to narrow it down so if your work was not picked, please look forward to submissions opening up for Issue Two in late spring/early summer.

Sebastião Almeida
Chris Bang
Miranda Barnes
Brittney Bowers
Steven Brooks
Lynn Cazabon
Casey Daisey
Chinwe Edeani
Kevin Eikenberg
Hogarth Ferguson
Jerome Freeman
Bradley Fulton
Jack Garland
Didi S. Gilson
Tifanee Gladney
Larry Gloth
Caitlin Gore
Julien Hairault
Stephen Harper
Richard Hatch
Rob Hauer
Sandy Honig
Andrew Howard
Patrick Joust
Tommy Keith
Kevin Koffi

Sam Lehman
Stefan Lind
Andrew Marino
Brian McSwain
Wojtek Mszyca Jr.
Vesa Nissinen
Jay Normandale
Alvaro Gomez Pidal
Tony Popovic
Eli Potter
Luke Pownall
Martin Raack
Ding Ren
Shannon Richardson
Isaac Sachs
Antoine Séguin
James Singewald
Stephanie Spring
Bryan Vana
Ian Vecchiotti
Patrick Warner
Matthias Winkel
Douglas Wittnebert
Patrick Wright
Brad Ziegler